Cincinnati - November 2006- Info-Hold, Inc., the leader in development of in-store messaging technologies, has recently been chosen by Hess Corporation as the exclusive provider of overhead music and messaging services to 680 Hess Express locations in the United States.

Utilizing Info-Hold's patented Info-Link XM System, HESS Express convenience stores and gas stations are able to play music and customized marketing messages directed to customers at the pump and in the stores. By providing marketing messages to customers at the pump as well as inside the store, Hess is able to reach all their customers, whether they come in to the store to make a purchase or opt to pay at the pump.

Overhead messages include daily price specials, incentives and general HESS news, while music choices are programmed from digital quality XM Satellite Radio. Info-Link XM allows HESS to program which messages and music stations will play and at which times. The system also allows the user to select down to the individual location and to schedule programming as far out as necessary through the convenience of Info-Hold's secure web portal.

"We are extremely pleased that HESS has provided us this opportunity," stated Info-Hold President/CEO, Joey C. Hazenfield. "We believe that the fact that our patented Info-Link XM system provided HESS the ability to completely customize their overhead music and messaging program made us the logical choice."

From its founding in 1988, Info-Hold, Inc. is a global leader in the development of music and messaging technologies, delivery systems and advertising message production services.

For more information about us please visit our website at www.infohold.com. All inquiries should be directed to Jennifer Brasington, Public Relations, e-mail address: jenniferb@infohold.com, phone: 800-373-8200.

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